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About Posh
The Poshibilities are endless!

As a Mom of two outstanding children, receiving constant encouragement from both to open a retail location, I quickly realized that taking my local business to the highest level was the vision we all saw for our future as a family. Inspired by and sharing a passion for creating all things sweet, delicious and artistically appealing is ultimately how Posh Pretzels evolved in 2010. Living in Westchester County, Posh Pretzels was the ideal name for products created in a county so beautiful and quaint and yet so chic. Posh Pretzels are sweets with style and have become the ultimate gift of indulgence among our rapidly growing clientele.

Gifting Posh Pretzels and watching the smiles of delight appear with each bite of my addicting one-of-a-kind creations is what makes my hard work all worth it. Growing up, there was nothing better than that caramel coated apple rolled in peanuts and drizzled with chocolate! Heavenly! I never forgot the joy such a simple treat could bring and how I savored every bite down to the last peanut. When I realized my products brought the same joy to others, by the overwhelming positive feedback from friends and strangers alike, I knew I had to share my pretzels and sweet treats with the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to do so ever since in thanks to my fabulous customers.

Posh Pretzels are unlike any other pretzels in the market. Unique flavors, attention to detail, sophisticated packaging, and product versatility are what sets Posh Pretzels apart. Posh products are created each day with excitement, a pure passion for creating what I love and to demonstrate to my children the rewarding results of hard work. Whether you are two or one hundred years old, Posh Pretzels will absolutely leave you wanting more. Trust me… having just one bite is simply imposhible!

Everyone LOVES Chocolate Pretzels!!
The Perfect Corporate Gift!